What to wear for interview @ hospital

  1. I have a interview @ a hospital next week for a patient care assistant position. Just wondering what is appropriate for the interview...a suit? It has been a zillion years since I was on "real" interview. Thanks!
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  3. by   mikejjmay
    I would say yes, you could get by with a button up shirt and tie, but if the guy after you or before you had on a suit it will make you look less professional. For an interview you want to do the best you can at all the things that you can control, and how you dress is one of those things. good luck!
  4. by   zeppzepp2009
    If I was a dude I'd wear a tie.....I'm not though :lol:
  5. by   DolceVita
    That is hysterically funny! I laughed out loud.

    I would always wear either a suit or plain skirt/trousers with a plain shirt/sweater (if you don't have a suit). Skirt BELOW the knee. Also, if you wear a skirt don't go with bare legs.
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  6. by   zeppzepp2009
    Thanks DolceVita that was what I was leaning towards. I've got a black suit with a skirt and I figured I'd do a crisp white button down shirt...sans the tie! lol
  7. by   dallet6
    I always wear a nice dress or skirt/blouse for interviews. You want to look nice, but in the end, even if someone else is dressed more "smartly" than you, your experience and references are going to count for more.
  8. by   mikejjmay
    Sorry bout that! I worked in big business for a few years, and whenever i think suit i think what i used to wear everday (suit, tie, polished shoes, etc...). Best of luck
  9. by   zeppzepp2009
    Thanks guys for the responses...I went with the suit...and got the job! YAY
  10. by   escapebigd
    Quick question Zepp... How many years experience did you have before you got on with the hospital?
  11. by   zeppzepp2009
    Not years..months, about 6 and it was as an EMT. I honestly didn't think I had a chance but I got the job!
  12. by   escapebigd
    Thank you for the info. I just got offered a position at an LTC and not sure how long before I'd be able to get into a hospital.
  13. by   zeppzepp2009
    I think it depends on the facility, one of the hospitals I applied to wouldn't accept less than a year experience. Some are more flexible, good luck!