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Hi I just got hired by one of the hospital in our state and about to start my orientation next week, I never had any work experience as a CNA in the hospital so I don't have any idea what the CNA... Read More

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    Without getting into some bitter CNA vs RN battle, Ive worked many codes as an EMT and train for them all the time and I have seen RNs(and even an RT) do completely ineffective compressions.
    *** Back in the day, before effective CPR machines were widely available, it was the job of the medical and surgical intern to do compressions in my hospital. The only reason they were included on the code team was as CPR mules, and of course to give them exposure to codes so they could learn. At first I thought this was a great idea. Two MDs doing compressions while being directed by an RN code team leader. However in realiety their compression were often so ineffective that RNs / RTs / CNAs would end up taking over. We used to tease them about how crappy their compressions were. "Hey come on doc, I know you get a free membership to the Y with your residency. Better start hitting the gym"
    If you haven't had the oppertnity to do compressions on a patient with an art line you are missing out. The art line allows to tell EXACTLY how effective your compressions are or are not.
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