Travel CNA?

  1. 0 Ok so I have come across a couple of companys that hire "travel cna's" I had never even heard of this until I just happened to stumble across it. Has anyone ever done this before? If so whats it like and do you know of any good staffing companys?? Thanks Guys
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    Wow. I've never heard of travel CNA's. I've never even heard of travel LPNs only RNs. Anybody else?
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    Where I live we have had these staffing companies for sometime. They mostly have in home clients, but LTC and Assisted living facilities use them for temporary help also.
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    I see positions for agency CNAs for per diem work.
    But there is not one company that I know of that employs CNAs for travel positions.

    You may come across a few that do something with nursing homes, but have never seen one placed in hospital setting.
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    I have a friend that works for one of these staffing companies here in NC. She mostly accepts placements in LTC facilities but all of out of the county in which we live. She also had to get certified in SC because they have clients there. I do not know if this is the same as travel CNAs, but she does "travel".

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