There's hope when looking for that CNA job

  1. I know there are a lot of discussions on All Nurses about CNAs not finding any jobs or getting calls about interviews. I just wanted to say if your in this predicament, DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep filling out job applications, both online & in person. Have a RESUME & when going in person to fill out applications or going in for that interview, please people, dress professionally. I went to almost every nursing home, assisted living, and home health facility in my area @ filled out apps. This was during June & July. Most places weren't hiring, just taking apps, but I still applied anyway. Fast forward to the end of August, I get a call to come in for an interview @ an assisted living place. Remember, I applied @ this place back in June. Went in for the interview, was late because I had class that morning (just started the nursing program this semester) they knew & was ok with it. Came in & it was a group interview (about 12 people were there). There were 2 supervisors there & they asked questions & we had to talk about our experience & why we want to work there. After that, we were done and if they wanted us they would give us a call. Well, before I left, one of the managers stopped me & said that they really wanted me. Since they know that I'm in nursing school, they offered me the position of Med Tech, part-time, I got to choose the shift. I picked nights 11pm-7am & I'm only working 2-3 days a week, & work every other weekend. I went through a week long process (BG check, PPD, physical) & officially got the job. Thank God! Already had orientation & my 1st night on the job is tonight. I'm nervous & excited at the same time! I just wanted to share my story and to tell others not to give and be patient, your time is coming!
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  3. by   HappyWife77
    Thanks for sharing! Yes I've had job offers get back to me a few months after applying before also! Good luck with your schooling and your job!
  4. by   chas89
    Thank you so much!
  5. by   nn2015
    That's excellent news! Congrats! I'm applying to become a CNA and will hopefully have that as work while I am in nursing school. Your story is inspiring - reminding me that the road is not simple or short, but ultimately fulfilling if you keep at it.
  6. by   hudabelle
    Good for you! I would (all but) kill for those job hours. I also am applying for a part-time position as a CNA to supplement my (complete absence of) income. I was wondering if I should mention nursing school or not unless they ask. I guess I was worried they would see me as someone who is looking to get out before I even got hired?
    I just sent in my first application/resume so I'm sure I have a long road of "hurry and wait" days ahead. I couldn't apply earlier as I am keeping my full-time clinic job until the day before school starts.
  7. by   chas89
    @ hudabelle, I would definitely mention to future employers that you are in nursing school. School is my number one priority compare to any job, so make sure that any job you get is flexible and accommodating with your school schedule.
  8. by   mz23
    Thanks. I was getting discouraged. But I gotta keep applying!!
  9. by   ArrowRN
    that's great advice. a lot of nursing homes, especially the "upscale ones" don't even advertise their positions in main stream and rely of word of mouth from staff. So being proactive and physically getting out there rather than on the computer and going in asking for applications sometimes works as well.