Starting first CNA job tomorrow

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    Last week I was dressed up for a job fair and decided to drop in at a place near my house to put in an application. I only just finished my class at the community college a month ago, and I applied for the registry in WA state immediately. I had found out early that day I had been approved, so I thought, what the heck.

    Luck would have it I got an interview on the spot, and I will be starting tomorrow. I am excited, but a little nervous. Mostly I am nervous about work/school/family balance more than anything, but I am eager to get some experience finally!

    Best of all, the place is literally a few blocks from my house. I have always hated commuting, so knowing I can sip my coffee as I walk to work in the morning makes me super happy.
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    So glad that you found such a great opertunity for yourself. Hoping everything goes well for you, CONGRATS
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    What type of setting will you be working in?
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    Congratulations! Enjoy every moment of it
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    Nice! Congrats!
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    I had a great day - much better than either of the places I did my clinical hours. It's a small (28 bed) rehabilitation/LTC facility. Everyone seems really nice, and I like the mix of patients that are just passing through and those that are there for longer stays.
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    Congrats!!!! 😃 CNAs on deck!!! Lol hope that all goes well.
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    Congrats on the job and the good first day!! Good luck as you get used to working as a CNA

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