Starting CNA program (Career Training Center of Chicago)

  1. Hello there I've been lurking for a few days, and just wanted to say hi since I've now registered for my CNA classes. I begin January 6th, and I'm so excited. I put in my 2 weeks notice at my telemarketing job, since I'm lucky enough that my significant other can cover the bills while I'm taking the class so that I can focus. It's a 4 week class, with lecture Tues, Weds, and Thurs followed by Saturday clinicals. It's a bit of a commute for me, since I'm in the northern suburbs, but hopefully I'll be able to take the train.

    I'm nervous, as I think anyone would be. Looking through older posts here has really made me feel more at ease since it seems like everyones scared.. before classes, before the exam, before an interview, and before starting a job. I'm sure I'll freak out at every step, too.

    There are a few different programs in my area, from Community Colleges to Hospital programs. I think I called them all. My original plan was the community college route, since it was closest, but the classes were full until Fall 2009. I wanted to see about the hospital one, but it was 8 weeks and I only got voicemails when I called to inquire. So instead I opted for the one in which I could enroll the quickest, and was shortest. I made sure the training center is accredited on the state website, but I'm still wondering if this is the best idea. It seemed almost too easy to get into the program, lol. He had me fill out an application, which he hardly glanced at, took my social & DL and deposit, gave me a schedule, showed me the classroom, and sent me on my way. I'm really disappointed that we don't get a supply list until the first day of class. I wanted to go scrubs shopping, lol.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had taken the program at the Career Training Center of Chicago, and what you thought of it?

    Also, a belated thanks to every active member of this board who have reassured me and others and have offered compassion, encouragement, and advice. You guys rock :redpinkhe
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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    I didn't get trained there, but I just wanted to tell you good luck, and don't let your nerves get the best of you.
  4. by   CareerChanger2009
    I am in the program. Tomorrow is our final exam and last day. Just a few words about the CNA program at CTCC. Instructor **** is very nice. She is funny and makes the class fun. She will tell students what to study and highlight in text book. The class is very easy. Just read highlights and most of it is all common sense. Fastest CNA program I know in Chicago, but expensive. Hopefully, this information is helpful.


    Tuition: $700 as of July 2009. Payment in 3 installments during registration, before midterm & before final.

    Additional Cost: $65 for book, $15 background check, $10 stethoscope, uniform $25 (must be all white), CPR card $43 (optional), Alzheimer certificate $25 (optional), $60 application for state test

    Duration: 4 weeks of lecture (tues,wed,thurs) 9am - 2pm or 5pm - 10pm, 5 saturdays of clinical

    Workload: Read from highlights in book, 4 exams (premidterm, midterm, prefinal, & final exam) all multiple choice questions, skill tests (vital signs, range of motion excercises, bathing, shaving, combing and washing hair, & oral care, 3 take home tests (easy mult choices questions), and one page paper on any disease in text book.

    Attendance: Mandatory. Must make up missed lectures/clinicals.

    Clinical Sites: Peterson Park Health Care Center - 6141 N. Pulaski Ave, chicago, IL 60646 OR St. Pauls House & Health Care Center - 3800 N. California Ave. Chicago, IL 60618

    Comment about clinical: I was assigned to St. Pauls. Not much direction/training after 1st saturday of orientation. Students were assigned to 1 resident each starting 2nd clincial without guidance/help from other CNA/nurses. We helped residents with changing clothes, bathing, feeding, walking, and talking with them.
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  5. by   atla
    I ended up taking my class here as well. I also liked the instructor. Most days class let out WAY early, which was inconvenient for me because I couldn't depend on a schedule for public transportation from the suburbs. The tests were all very easy and I passed the class & exams with flying colors.

    I also had clinicals at St. Paul's. Didn't get an opportunity to do a whole lot except change resident's incontinence products when in bed, making beds, a little dressing, plenty of feeding, and talking to the residents.

    CareerChanger2009, did you meet a little blind lady there whose name starts with A? (Don't wanna post it here.) She was my favorite She was in isolation my first couple of times there, but out by the end of my clinicals and doing much better.
  6. by   CareerChanger2009
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I did not work with any blind resident. The residents and employees are pretty nice. However, I wish we received more training.
  7. by   CNA-RN
    Just bumping this up...

    I just started the program today and our instructor is ******. She's very nice and funny, our first clinical is on Saturday at St. Pauls which I'm actually looking forward to so I know exactly what it's like after reading and hearing all this while.

    If anyone has questions on the program at this school, feel free to ask me
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  8. by   Nurse_to_be35
    I just started on the 7th as well. I am assuming you are going to the night class because I am doing my clinical at Peterson Park. I have a question for you about it...are you being taught by only Candice? Send me a private message. I have been very unhappy with this place. I am hoping the next 3 weeks go fast. I can't get out of this shady, money stealing place fast enough...but I need this cert asap!!
  9. by   CNA-RN

    On the first day, we were taught by ******, but since then, it's been her mom, ***. I am in the night class. I like it so far, because it's the shortest I found and I need the cert stat too, lol

    Not sure where to send private messages on here, can you send me one and then I'll respond to it...
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  10. by   AvoCado29
    This place seems shady, but it sounds legit from these responses. I want to take the cna course here for the same reasons as above though...need this asap, it's easy to get registered, etc. Did anyone have regrets taking it here? (nurse to be 35?) It's expensive, that's for sure, but if you're in a time crunch it will do. I could wait for the next COD CNA course to start, but heard theirs is a waste of time (and a lot longer!) Any warnings for the career center of chicago? Thank you.
  11. by   CNA-RN
    I don't think it's shady at all. They try to be quite helpful and I don't have a problem with it. Moreso, being that it's only 4-5 weeks compared to other programs that are 12+ weeks, I mean one really can't complain too much.

    I say if you're considering going here, go for it. They're all very nice and it's family run. No warnings at all!
  12. by   dmxreign
    hi i had a question i start the program oct 4th. i was wondering if you can tell me a little info and some stories about the program i am real nervous going in so i wanna go inthere with some feedback and to know what to expect thank you
  13. by   AvoCado29
    Hi, I didn't end up taking the class with them so don't have any info to offer you.. there's some info from other people scattered about though Good luck
  14. by   pumpkinpastie
    HI. I'm bumping this thread up I guess. But I do have questions. Do you think it's better to take the CNA course here rather than attending the OCC BNAT program for ten weeks? Do you feel better prepared for the exam than community college CNA students?