should i take a cpr class now or...? should i take a cpr class now or...? | allnurses

should i take a cpr class now or...?

  1. 0 hello everyone! i live in northern illinois and take my cna state test on the 18th. i'm so excited! i have heard conflicting information about the cpr certification and getting a job. i was told by a fellow student not to bother taking a cpr class because if you are hired by a nursing home, your employer will pay for you to take the cpr course or reimburse you for taking it. i also heard from another source that no place will hire you AT ALL without a cpr certification. so...which one is it? does anyone know anything or have any experience with either situation? i would hate to shell out $100+ and then find out that i could have done it for free. but then again, i don't want to have to wait any longer to be able to get a job, so i want to take the class asap. if all else fails, i will just take the class. $100 is a small investment considering the cost of my cna class and being able to finally get a job in the healthcare field. im so tired of being a security guard! lol. any feedback is appreciated. thanks.
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    From my experience I have heard that you do not need the CPR certification until after you get hired. Most employers will give you six months to complete it and will pay.
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    From my experience in NJ, most places will give you the chance to take the course during an evening or day you have off and they will pay for it. A lot of the places around here also don't start you until a month after the offer because they only do group orientations once a month. That will give you a chance to get your CPR cert in the meantime. Good luck!
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    thanks for your help guys
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    The nursing facilities nowadays want to save money. I now see many job ads in my area stating that CPR certification is required prior to even applying for jobs.
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    When I did my CNA training, out school gave us a CPR training. Didn't do much because when I was hired at the hospital I work at, that CPR provider was not supported and ended up taking the American Heart Association CPR which the hospital paid for. Every time we renew it, it's free for employees.
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    In the good old days, the employer always paid for everything. It was wonderful. Now I look at the current job ads for RN, LPN,CNA and I see ads that say "Must have current CPR card" listed as one of their requirements for even applying for a job. It's ridiculous.
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    It sounds like the state you live in plays a role. From what I notice here in NY, your CPR card is usually wanted and its stated in the job ad.
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    I would say get it now. If nothing else, it will give you one more thing over another CNA applying for the same position you are. Whether or not it is needed" it shows you took the time to take an extra step.
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    I was actually going to ask the same questions as you! Glad I read your thread. I would just take the CPR class, then you would be ready to apply for a job after completing you state exam for the CNA. Good luck .

    I am taking my CPR class 2 days before my CNA class. I have to pay $110, for the CPR. And unfortunately my CNA class does not provide CPR training for the certification . Which I think is unfair.
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    I got certified doing a blended training. It was online followed by a skills assessment. I liked it because we didn't have to sit in the class room for 4 hrs. I went through I I've gotten BBP training through them also
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    I wish my job would allow us to do on line CPR classes. My job only accepts CPR classes that are done in a classroom like setting.
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    My experience is that you have to have your CPR done prior to employment. My employer does not pay for certification. For your CPR class, I would look for a local fire department that offers classes. I will be doing mine in 2 weeks and the cost I'd only $45 for American Red Cross for the healthcare professional.