RN student to CNA

  1. I am in my second semester of an RN program and I really want to get a job working as a CNA to get some experience but I am not sure if I could just take a test or if I have to do a full CNA program. Any help would be great. Thanks
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  3. by   Sparrow91
    It depends on that state and the school. My program offers something like that, if you have completed up to you sophmore yeaar (BSN pogram that is) you may apply and sit for the state exam. I would ask your DON and see if your school offers something similar. Good Luck!
  4. by   ArrowRN
    After first semester you should be qualified to fill "nurse tech" positions which is essentially a CNA or PCT at a hospital. You don't have to be certified since you are an RN student. In some states you can take the CNA test if you wish, but it may not be necessary, you have to search job boards for nurse tech or nursing student and seem what comes up in your state regarding the qualifications.
  5. by   mintygirl
    Nope, nope and nope. It depends on the state where you live at, most require a certain amount of hands on hours in clinics and graduate of a training program in order for you to take the CNA test. Some programs offer this through their bridge programs of LVN-RN. Generally the amount was 75 hrs back when I was a student way back when, it might be 135 hours, etc. Look it up on the nurse state board. As for wanting to be a CNA as an RN student, its a good thing - it will just make you double happy that you'll be an RN soon.
  6. by   MommaTy
    Where I live in Massachusetts they have whats called SNAP (student nurse program). You work per diem as a CNA as long as you have completed your 1st semester of nursing classes
  7. by   ArrowRN
    In florida all that is required to challange the CNA exam is a minimum of GED or high school diploma. Here you dont even need clinical hours per say, you can practice on your own watching youtube videos or whatever and just go take the test, not the greatest choice but it can be done.