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I submitted my resignation today. I will never work in long-term care again. Twice in the last 3 months I've been written up for a resident fall -- again because of failure to have alarms on a... Read More

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    I hate my job in LTC, granted I am sub-acute so it is slightly better than just LTC but one nurse for 24 people is out of control-especially in that unit. I walked into a mess yesterday at 3pm-yet another psych pt that no one else wants so we take them-throwing the computer monitors, hit a CNA with a call bell, put her in a head lock all from his wheel chair. Extreme exacerbation of paranoid schizophrenia. Were it my choice I'd have dialed 911 and let the police section him, but no they make everything a process. Apparently he was attempting to wrap O2 tubing around other residents necks and choke them this weekend. The behavior started Friday and they didn't send him out until after 6pm yesterday. Of course he was my patient so my CNA's (I have 2 on my hall) and the other 2 from the front hall are taking turns 2:1 with him. Not ok, they are NOT psych trained. You need to have specific CPI training so you don't get hurt or hurt someone else. Even the locked unit where I work no one is trained, I worked there Sat. and almost got knocked out b/c we had a man who did not belong on LTC but in true psych there acting out. I am supposed to work 3-11, I did not walk out of that building until 1:15am last night, my drive home is 45 minutes and I have to be up with my kids in the a.m. I pray daily I find a new job, I did not spend 6 years of my life in school doing pre-req's to get into a competitive nursing program to do this crap and cry after work almost daily. It is a God awful job. I can't believe how awful the CNA's they are paid for what they do it is disgusting, IDK how they even stay. Glad you got out and found something you like.

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    Know how and why we stay? Because we have to provide for our families and for many of us, this is the only or best way, even with all its warts.
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    Obviously, that is the ONLY reason I stay there. As soon as another job pops up I am OUT. The place is dangerous, unsafe and my license is on the line daily. It is not fair to the employees and especially the residents! The CNA's that I work with-the good ones-they should be out looking because they are paid crap and they deserve much, much more. I keep encouraging them to look and giving them leads because they are so unhappy. The ones I don't get are the ones who LIKE it there and stay. Some folks thrive in toxic environments I guess, not me.
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    Quote from interceptinglight
    I think you're right, fuzzy. I felt so terrible and belittled about the whole situation that I just went ahead and meekly signed the damned thing. What happens if you refuse to sign a write-up anyway ? It's not like the can fire me, I already told 'em where they can shove this job. (Incidentally the write-up will stay on my employment record there for a year, after which it is removed.)

    As far as blaming the CNA's -- yeah. I just gave report to the evening shift CNA for the Unit and she told me how the Assistant Dir. of Nursing just got through wiping the floor with her about things that happened during her day off. As if it's her fault how other CNA's conduct themselves when she's not on shift!! Makes me realize how tired I am of the way Administration plays favorites with some and gives the rest of us the horns -- I'm not messing with this bull anymore.
    I once got blamed for a resident dying (no matter that he was DNR, had been ill for quite some time, was not unexpected, etc...). My boss yelled at me and told me that my work was unacceptable. It's amazing what director's/bosses/admin will do to save their own butts. At the end of the day, if you KNOW you did something wrong, accept responsibility for it. If you KNOW you did nothing wrong, let it roll off of you like nothing. I would say that you are in the right, and if I could quit my LTC job, I would too.

    (also, please don't take any of the above as that I didn't care for my resident.)

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