random drug tests

  1. Where I work they give out random drug tests. I started working this year and got a urine and blood test done for my pre employment qualifications. I was wondering when do they usually give out those random drug tests in hospitals/LTC facilities. Also.. if you pass the urine test, do they still do the blood test to double check for drugs in your blood system
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  3. by   scottcna
    I would think random = random...
  4. by   LaterAlligator
    At my home care agency they do this, usually one random employee per month. Just urine, since it's comprehensive enough & cheaper than running bloodwork.
  5. by   Dorali
    Are you nervous?? Just kidding!

    My job has only done one random test (I've been there almost a year), and that was on a bunch of random people at once because a bag of weed was found in the middle of the hall.
    Just depends on the facility, I guess.

  6. by   yousoldtheworld
    LOL, why would you bring a bag of weed to work, at a nursing facility? Honestly.

    We recently had a bunch of random drug tests...because one of our kitchen workers was acting really hateful and out of character for him, and when his boss asked him what was wrong, he replied "Sorry, I took a bunch of my mom's oxycontin this morning and I just feel out of it."

    But yeah, that was the first time my facility had them in the time I've been there. I'm told that in the past, they would just occasionally spring them on a handful of people. Everyplace I've been has just done either a urine screen, a saliva test, or a hair test. One should be sufficient unless you have suspect results.
  7. by   Dorali
    It could have been a resident as much as an employee. There are some "characters" up there!
  8. by   swift125
    My second job is as a hospital pharmacist and they told me that I might be subject to random drug tests...what a sad state of affairs. I have had back surgery, but I'm no druggie. My PCP thinks that this policy is stupid; I had her sign rx's for hydrocodone, diazepam and Adderall (I had ADD as a kid)....go ahead, test me, my Rx's for a month's supply and take: "prn" shield me from this stupid invasive testing...............................
  9. by   Poi Dog
    CNAs where I work are subject to random drug tests. The RNs are not. (*scratches head*)
  10. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I've never heard of them doing it where I work. I'm not even sure if they tested me before I started working there or not. That would really bother me if they did do random tests though. What someone does outside of work is none of their business.
  11. by   Poi Dog
    At the last facility I worked for, if a worker had an accident happen, the person would be handed a cup to directed to the bathroom.