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I'm about to start nursing school in May and just received my CNA license. I wanted to hear from those of you who are nursing students and work a job as a CNA. How do you handle it? Is it possible? ... Read More

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    boogalina, did you had to get the certification before working as cna?

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    I quit my cna job before starting nursing school so I cant tell you much BUT, majority nursing schools tell you not to work over 16hrs a week if you are able to. One girl in my class work just on weekens working 8-16 hr shifts and another girl works 10-20 hrs just on weekends. Only 2 older people in my class work full time as cnas and 1 of them says she could barely do it and is soo tired going to school part time and working full time as well as having to study.
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    I attempted to work full time nights at a nursing home at the beginning of nursing school and I failed miserably. I cut down to PRN and then just quit the nursing home all together. I went back to home health and eventually got hired at a hospital where I work 1 day a week on the weekends. I know other students who work full time at the hospital for 3 days a week and go to school full time as well and I honestly don't know how they do it. Yes, I think it is beneficial to work as a CNA before getting into a nursing program considering that most of the work at clinicals is CNA work. Work as a CNA will also give you a greater appreciation for your CNA's when you become a nurse. I feel that most nurses don't really understand all that a CNA does if they haven't previously been a CNA.

    Good luck to you! Try to get a CNA job in a hospital. They usually give more responsibility to CNA's in the hospital. Before I worked at the hospital I barely knew how to do accuchecks, and I've since learned how to D/C IV's and foleys.
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    DCMom - I had my certification and 5 months nursing home CNA experience before being hired by the hospital.
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    Quote from boogalina
    DCMom - I had my certification and 5 months nursing home CNA experience before being hired by the hospital.
    thank you for responding, appreciate it.
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    If you can get PRN position at a hospital, on med surg, I'd say do it. You will deff have a head start on your fellow peers during clinicals. Don't do full-time because that would be overkill.

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