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    How many residents are your CNA's assigned. I average 13 and think this is too much! Feedback appreciated. I work in an LTC.

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    Thats pretty much the standard. when i worked in Assisted Living I had 16. In my hospital now I have from 9-34. (34 yup, its happened) so 13 is actually pretty good. but no matter what LTC is tough and any amount of patients is hard. IMO
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    11-14, depending on staffing. When we're short I've had as many as 28 (And these are all total care, not assisted living-type).
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    Here in SC DEHEC regulations are from 7am-3pm a CNA can have up to 9 residents each, 3pm-11pm up to 13 eqch, 11pm-7am up to 22 each.
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    i have 10 on 7-3.
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    When I'm not working in skilled (where I get 10 patients because it's our facility's policy for quality control), I usually get about 20 residents.
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    On an average day I have between 11-13 patients. When we are short staffed I have between 14-17! I work in a LTC facility.
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    I work at the hospice. We have 8 residents per 2 aides ,except overnight shift has 1 aide.
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    I work 3-11 and have 7-9 residents per shift.
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    It really depends on the facility. In one facility I have had about 15-16; on one wing there was odd number of residents and we had the same hallways each day so they would float the resident between two CNAs to "make it fair." There were a total of 4 CNAs, 4 hallways, and about 60 residents in the LTC facility.

    In another facility, it was set up completely different from the facility above. This facility had 2 wings with a minimum of 6 CNAs on each wing... I have worked this facility with only 4 CNAs because the could not get people to come in but it REALLY disrupted daily living for the residents and it wasn't fair to them. When there are 6 CNAs in each wing, each CNA is responsible for about 15 to 17 residents. The way this facility is run is you work with another CNA, so 2 people are responsible for 30 or so residents. There were 4 hallways on each wing(2 short and 2 long) so there would be 2 CNAs on a long hallway, 2 CNAs on a long hallway, and 2 CNAs doing the 2 short hallways. This was a really large LTC facility.

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