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Ok. So I just interviewed and was hired on the spot for a PRN nurse aide position at a local nursing home. I'm only PRN because I work full-time in research but want to get my feet wet in the nursing field since I want to do a... Read More

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    I am starting CNA classes next week, and I am dealing with some mixed feelings. I am excited because I am a pre-nursing student and it should provide some valuable learning experiences. However, on the other hand, I could use some reassurance. All I hear about/read about is horror stories regarding how awful the work is. I know it is going to be a tough job and not everyday is going to be fabulous, but I just would like to hear some positive input. My training is being paid for by the LTC, so I am required to work at least 6 months for them and I don't want it to be absolutely miserable... Thanks.
    First, you are correct. As a pre-nursing student, working as a cna is very beneficial. Second, keep in mind that on this board a lot of people come to vent. So, you will hear a lot of negative stuff.

    That being said, there are a lot of rewarding aspects of being a cna. You get to provide the intimate care that a lot of Nurses wished that they could provide. You get to play a BIG part in the healing of patients. In LTC, you get to develop relationships with people that have a wealth of knowledge to pass down. You will get to listen to their lives stories unfold like a best-selling novel as they share with you that which is most important to them, their life. You will laugh with some and cry with others, but the most important thing you will do is just be there for them. LTC work was grueling to me, but when I look back on it, I see the many lives that I have touched and have touched me. I still remember the day that I went into a resident's room and I knew that something was not right with him. I went to get the nurse. It turned out that his blood glucose had bottomed out! What would have been the results if I would not have picked up on his confusion and just thought he was sleepy? Yes, cna work does matter and it is rewarding. Yes, you will have days that make you want to quit, but if you concentrate on your ultimate goal, then you will be able to persevere. In the end, I don't need a pt's family member to remember me by "Jay", I just want them to remember "that one wonderful cna that took such good care of mom/dad." I want to be remembered not by name, but by the acts of my life.

    Good luck with your career and stay positive! You can also check out this thread that I posted. We are the "kickers" of healthcare

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    Thanks Jay! You post was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. You put it in such wonderful, beautiful terms, and I really do appreciate it. You sound like an absolute wonderful person - our profession is lucky to have someone like you.

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