need some advice for working night shift

  1. Hey i need some advice. i just got hired as a cna at a hospital. I am very excited to start my new job. I will be working part time during the night shift while i am in nursing school. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about working night shift or what to expect. Thanks
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  3. by   nurse2033
    Expect to be tired. Sleep late the day of the shift if you can. I drink coffee and keep an energy drink like Red Bull in reserve. Better to be jittery than non-functional. Go right to sleep when you get home. I can't stress this enough, blackout curtains- thick window covers that make the room too dark to see. Use earplugs or put on a fan. At times I have taken melantonin on my first day-sleep, but this will cause you problems if you take it too much or too often. Good luck
  4. by   DeeAngel
    Ask other CNAs about what their routines are. I find that the CNAs that have a an organized, set routine seem to get the most done and be less harassed. Routine is very, very important, write it down if you have to in the beginning, until you get in the swing of things.
  5. by   PRETTYODD
    I agree with nurse2033 and deangel,

    Good sleep and routine is very important and at same time because it is night time many nurses like to rest and you would be hearing your name called out several times. Be prepared for real hard work and get tips from veteran CNA's.
  6. by   tokidoki7
    Make sure you eat healthy. When I work night shift, I bring something light like a salad for my main meal, and cottage cheese or pretzels for snacks. Eating a heavy meal will make you more tired and constantly snacking on unhealthy foods isn't good for you either.
  7. by   yousoldtheworld
    Eat healthy. Eat before you go to work, and pack a light meal or snack to have during your shift, too. Much like you would do on any other shift.

    Drink PLENTY of water. I take a water bottle to work with me and try to drink at least 2 of them per shift. It's really easy to forget to drink when you're working at night.

    Try to stay on your sleep schedule even on your nights off. If you try to have a normal human schedule on your days off, all you'll do is make it harder for you to sleep the rest of the week. I find it easiest to go to sleep shortly after I get home and sleep until early afternoon. That way I still have part of my day to use, and most things I need to do can be scheduled for the afternoon.

    I'm actually LESS tired than I was working 1st and 2nd shifts, because I am naturally a nightowl.
  8. by   nursing assit. 2010
    thank you for all the advice.