Need advice. Change jobs or stay where I am? Need advice. Change jobs or stay where I am? | allnurses

Need advice. Change jobs or stay where I am?

  1. 0 Im in RN school and about half way through. I've had CNA experience (two years in home health and 2 years in a LTC). After trying for almost a year to get a CNA job at our local hospital I finally gave up and applied for everything possible and ended up getting a job in dietary.

    While I have learned quite a bit about nutrition and diet types but I dont feel there is any more to learn in this department. I currently work 3rd shift and have TONS of downtime. I literally work maybe 3 out of 8 hours a night, so I have plenty of time to study.

    On the other hand I have been there long enought to transfer out of the department. I've been looking at several CNA or Tech postions all of which Im qualifed to do. If i did change jobs I'd make more money and be doing more hands on things and could observe the nurses somewhat.

    So if you were in my place would you do?
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    If money is an issue switch otherwise I would stick to my current schedule and use that time to study.
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    Nope, money isn't the issue at all.
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    If I were you. I would keep the current dieatary job and use the rest of that time for studying HOWEVER, I also feel like you should do what is best for you and outweigh your pros and cons for switching and staying with the job as well.