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I was ready to hand in my name tag today. :crying2: It started out pretty normal.....6 am my first get-up is an 83-year-old lady who has been going downhill for the past few weeks. She can no longer walk and is getting... Read More

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    The nurse who responded to the fall and noted that the chair sensor wasn't working had to write me up for this, I signed the report today. It was almost touching to see, she felt so bad about having to do it, she knows I'm good at my job and regretted having to make out the report. I thought that was nice, and I reassured her that yeah, I was expecting to have to sign a report, it's OK. She also urged me not to quit over this. I feel so much better somehow, life goes on and it's business as usual on my job. The lady who fell has been going downhill even more in the past few days. She won't eat unless she's hand-fed and seems to be in a state of apathy. I sometimes wonder how long she's going to be around.

    Thanks for all of your nice and encouraging words !

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