My CNA classes started today! My CNA classes started today! | allnurses

My CNA classes started today!

  1. 0 [FONT=System]Hi - Hope everybody had a good Easter!
    [FONT=System]Today was my first day of CNA classes. I have to say - it was overwhelming, overall. It could be because I've been out of school for darn near 10 years but whatever it is - I just hope it's just gonna take a day or two for my brain to get back to this whole "being in school" thing! If it takes any longer than that, I just may scream!
    [FONT=System]I had absolutely no idea that there would be SO MUCH to being a CNA! Not that I thought it'd be cushy or anything...
    [FONT=System]In case I haven't said it lately - My hat's off to all you CNA's!!!
    [FONT=System]Gotta Go! I've got laundry to do, groceries to get, kids to play with, & a test to study for!
    [FONT=System]In a way, though, it's all kind of exciting!!!
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    Good luck
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    Congrat's goes out to you just from starting a new path towards becoming a CNA......GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
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    Good luck! You must be very excited. I can't wait to start my classes this summer.
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    I'm in my 2nd week of classes. You're right about there being a lot to it - guess we don't think about all the "little" things that a nursing assistant has to know! Speaking of I have to start mitering the corners of my bed to get into that habit and pressing my kids into assistance for practice turning pt.'s, making occupied bed, and vitals!

    So are you thinking about RN or just gonna see how CNA goes?
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    Could'ntbehappier, thanks for letting us know about your first day, I thought it was coming up soon from your other posts. Glad to hear it's going well. It was'nt until I started watching all the instructional videos that I realized just all the details that cna's have to remember. Wild!
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    walkingon: My plan is to apply for the LPN program at our Community College. Perhaps, one day, I may go on to be an RN.

    everybody: Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone! I should go, though, as I have yet another chapter to read before classes starts & my children will be waking up any minute - plus, I NEED COFFEE!!!