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  1. I had a question for anyone out there i was wondering do you think that me being a medical assistant will help me with nursing school i also have my cna and my pct im just trying to take baby steps and get as much experience as i can to get me ready for nursing school.
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  3. by   pixiestudent2
    Just go to nursing school if you want to be a nurse.
  4. by   Apenland
    I too am doing the same thing, starting as an M.A and hoping to eventually get to RN. Ive been told that M.A is a different route that would not pertain to RN because "RN is a nursing role and M.A is a behind the desk/paper work type of job"<-- do I agree, No. However, I think that any skills learned in the medical field is not a waste. So gain as much knowledge and experience as you can and make your way there at the pace you are comfortable with.
  5. by   FutureRNGreen
    Thanks everyone i was told it would be helpful because we deal with BP injections dosage calculations drawing blood patient education Ekg pharmacology etc
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I completed a medical assistant program and the training was not very helpful in preparation for nursing school (LPN or RN).

    While some of the skills might overlap, the truth is that MA training is focused on the medical model of care, while nursing school is focused on the nursing model of care provision. The difference between the medical model and the nursing model is huge.
  7. by   FutureRNGreen
    Thank you
  8. by   mandaf88
    I am a NCMA and currently pre nursing. A medical assistant obtains many skills that may help you in nursing such as vital signs, venipuncture, injections, and baisic patient care. You also learn about medications and administration. I have been very blessed to work in a clinic where I was able to gain experience in gynecology, primary care, GI, and my favorite dermatology. I have even assisted in many in office minor surgeries. Most importantly you build report with patients. You are their advocate. My MA experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life! So, in short, don't let any one talk down to you as a medical assistant, it is a great experience.
  9. by   FutureRNGreen
    Thank you so much
  10. by   Alilujan80
    I to was a medical assistant prior to taking my RN courses. I loved everything I did as a medical assistant . This goes to say that I worked for surgeons who did a lot of in house cases. Which inspired me to continue my education and get my RNFA (RN-first assist) - which are High in demand in my area. Do NOT let anyone talk down on your dream. You can take this road or the next , it's your dream. I promise you will not regret it!!
  11. by   nguyency77
    I would just go for nursing. I considered doing the same thing, and then I found out the only MA programs in my area cost upwards of $20,000. I also realized MA probably wasn't relevant to nursing. Sure it would be nice to learn to do EKG and draw blood and whatnot, but you're going to learn that in nursing school. And, if you wanted to make use of that knowledge after finishing your MA program, you'd have to find a job. That isn't always easy.
  12. by   FutureRNGreen
    Thank you
  13. by   maddiem
    I would just go straight into nursing! It would be a waste of time for you to get your medical assistant license. It wouldn't help you get into nursing school really. And being a CMA doesn't really have anything to do with nursing. Just go straight for a nursing degree!

    - Maddie
  14. by   FutureRNGreen
    Thank you maddie