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MA or CNA???

  1. 0 Hey everyone!

    I am a recent college graduate & a MA.

    I am having mucho amounts of trouble finding a job as an MA. I graduated in January and still haven't found anything yet!!

    CNA's seem to get paid MUCH more in my area and there are also LOTS of CNA jobs!

    should i keep searching for an MA job or should i take the CNA classes??

    please advise!!!
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    If you're looking for more hands on patient care, then I would definetly get my CNA. Are you planning on nursing school in the future? In my area, the few ads I see for MA jobs have a lot of secretarial work, back office type of responsibility. The job market is much more in need of direct patient care.
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    Not to sound mean or anything, but being an MA sucks!!! I have had so many friends of mine go thru a 15 month MA program, and get out and cant find a job. Or come out and find a job that pays no more than 10 an hour, thats here in richmond, va. They could have took a simple, 5 month CNA course for half the price, and easily made 16 an hour. I think that program is a rip off, the school i go to for LPN, offer MA for the same price, and the same length.
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    I loved being an MA, lots of hands on stuff; but it just was not enough for me and that is part of the reason that I went on to nursing. Are you looking for job in the paper or applying everywhere. I faxed my resume to several doctors offices, regardless of whether they had adds or not. I had to turn several jobs down!! Have you tried contacting you teacher? She may have some inside info.
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    I'm a little biased but I would go with CNA. You can't beat the direct patient care that you are able to give.