Look for a new job or stay where I am?

  1. I just got hired as a CNA for a home care agency. I work at a retirement community and do mostly housekeeping, meal prep and provide companionship for elderly people who are mostly independent. The work is easy, but I'd love to put my CNA skills to the test in a more challenging environment. Originally I was looking for a job in a hospital, specifically the one I'd like to work at when I finish nursing school. So my question is, from a resume perspective, would it be better to keep trying to get a job at that hospital so when I'm a nurse I have experience there? Or would it be better to stay on where I'm at to show loyalty. I'm just worried that two or three months at one place and nine months or so at another place might look bad on my resume...thoughts?
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  3. by   MommaTy
    I would stick with one job. The hospitals around me look for commitment to one place for as long as possible. But since it would be a job change (CNA to RN) then go where you really want to go The hospitals here also want you to have experience at least 1 year as a CNA before you apply. Good luck.
  4. by   WannaBNursey
    If you plan to work at this hospital, then apply and see what happens. Get some experience before you try to apply again. Like MommaTy stated, most hospitals want to see a year of experience. I suggest you stay with the agency full time for 6 months, and apply to the hospital after that. If you do get the hospital job, chances are you can still stay with the home care agency PRN and show that continuing loyalty on your resume. Good luck!