Keeping that CNA certificate up to date

  1. Hello Everyone

    I have a question about my CNA certification I just received on 10/2013

    Now that I am certified, how often do I have to renew it, and what are the requirements to keep my CNA certification active in Texas ? I did look on Dads web-sight and read that I must renew after 2 years, but I need the specifics of the requirements, for instance, what is the education and work hour requirements in a facility. (and must the facility I work at have to have a certain type of license) in order for it to be recognized by the state of Texas, or do they just confirm employment? (rather it be an assistant living or nursing home)

    I sure would hate to find out after 24 months, that I was suppose to be doing something all along to keep my certification active and didn't.

    Thanks for any advice.

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  3. by   adjappleton
    I live in Wisconsin and our CNA licensing is managed by Pearson Vue - you might try their website. I know they handle many states.
  4. by   Graduation2016
    You will renew your CNA certification every 2 years. You do however, have to keep up with your CEU's every year, as your facility will most likely require you to as well. They will probably have some type of online learning in which you will have these done for free, if not you can find these online but be prepared to pay for them. I'm in Florida so I can't tell you about Texas but you should be able to find all the info you need in your states dept of health website. Good luck!
  5. by   tcooks7
    I'm originally from WI, too thats where I was a CNA. Within the 2 yrs, u have to had worked in a nursing home or facility for so many hrs. When u get the form for renewal, take it to ur DON & they will sign off on it. I believe it was only like 16 hrs or CEU's you had to have