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Just Completed Clinicals!

  1. 3 hello everyone!

    i just completed clinicals and it was awesome! it was so much fun . . . i love being able to help where it's really needed. this work is so rewarding . . . working with patients, i mean. i loved caring for them, getting them clean and tidy . . . comfortable and warm . . . treating them with respect and sensitivity.

    i look forward to the things i can do to make their days a little richer, like art . . . music . . . audio books.

    man oh man i look forward to the future!
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    Congratulations on finishing your clinicals! Good luck with exams.
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    Congratulations!!! I just finished mine a month ago and start my first CNA job tomorrow!

    Good luck to you!!!
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    You have a great outlook on your job. I'll bet it will be everything you dream it will be and more. Except for those frustrating days where things go wrong no matter how hard you try to do everything right !! Just remember that you are on the front lines of health care and that what you do makes all the difference. :heartbeat
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    No matter what, hang on to the enthusiasm you have now.

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    Quote from kohala71
    no matter what, hang on to the enthusiasm you have now.

    :whck: go on, have some, you'll run it off later! and dont let the haters take that excitement from you!
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    Congratulations! Even when I hated my job, I still loved caring for my residents. Don't ever lose that compassion - it's what'll keep your tired feet moving even when you want to stop.
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    thank you all for your encouragement:d i'm waiting to sit for the state exams now . . . reviewing in the meanwhile . . .