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Okay, so I just need to ***** for a second. Last night my charge nurse gave a double dose of Ketamine and a benadril to a pt. I'm not saying she gave him 2 when he gets one to 2. She gave him twice... Read More

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    I am wondering two things a) why did the CNA look at a portion of the chart out of their scope of practice and 2) why did they not confront the LPN if they 'knew' a medication error was occuring?
    If I were to make an assumption that something wrong was happening to one of my residents I would ask in a non accusing manner why so and so was getting a different dose of such and such med this evening and if there were any s/s I should look out for to notify the LPN about.
    So what would the appropriate course of action for a CNA to take if they saw a LPN or Med Tech either give what they believed to be the wrong dose or the wrong med to a resident? (I understand meds are out of the scope of practice but I also feel that if I were to work with certain people over a few years I would get to 'know' what they take and want to inquire if I thought something was out of line) Or is a CNA just supposed to stick to their scope and mandatory reporting only applies to subjects covered by the scope of practice?

    ETA: Sorry if I'm getting off topic here but I like to approach all threads with a what would I do mentality and learn from what my peers experience and what the experet CNAs on here have to say
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