i want to die i failed my cna exam

  1. Im such an idiot i want to die i passed the written but i failed the skills and i failed on one of the easiest ones radial pulse

    I hate myself so much i cant belave how stupid i am i have been studying everyday like crazy

    I get even more upset when i see people who never paticipated in class always sleeping or on the phone and they passed but me well i practiced everyday paid attention in class and im the retart who failed

    And my dream was to become a R.N yeah right im too stupid to even pass the cna i could never be that

    I want to crawl in a hole and just die
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    How did you fail radial pulse? Like what did you do- count wrong? Or could you not find it?

    I can imagine how mortifying it would be to fail, but people do all the time. You're not the only one. And it doesn't mean you're stupid. People get all worked up and nervous and they screw up because of it. Fortunately, you can always try again.
  4. by   yajaira21
    i failed because i was 6 points off but i really had a hard time with finding her pulse and keeping it and she had me do it again and i got the same number twice so i was sure that was it but no i failed ...............another girl in my class forget to lock the bed wheels and she still passed ...........i just dont get it
  5. by   Elvienm
    Don't be so hard on your self.. You are not stupid, this happens all the times a lot of people fail for different reasons, but they all retake the test and pass. I think you were just too nervous. Just try ti relax the next time and you will be fine. Remember this is just the beginning NOT THE END of your career! I read something today that makes me think of you while reading your post.
    "Failing is not the End. The End is when you GIVE UP"
    DON'T GIVE UP! Cheer up and Good Luck Next time
  6. by   cieloarge
    Failing to lock the bed wheels is a sure fail in my state...

    I failed the test too... Did the water input wrong... wrote down what was left instead of what she intake lol

    Just cry today and try again next time. They most likely will ask you to take the pulse again, if you are not sure, at the end just tell them that you want to do it again and make sure the numbers match.

    Good luck!
  7. by   karamarie91
    Awww. do not be so hard on yourself. I was terrified by the radial pulse. From the beginning, I never could find the pulse. When I finally did, I would be so nervous that I could hear my own heartbeat!!! All the skills look pretty easy, but practice is what makes purpose. I practiced the pulse on everyone I could. As long as I can count three good pulses, the rest is good to go.

    Don't give up. This is just another obstacle in life that you have to get through.
  8. by   interceptinglight
    If radial pulse was all you failed on then you'll be sure to pass it next time. Just practice some more. I was very well prepared for the skills test myself, but I couldn't believe how nervous I felt and almost flunked it just because of that. I guess giving a back rub to a mannequin just isn't my bag.
  9. by   tomc5555
    The radial pulse can be difficult to find. My class was mostly women with irregular and faint pulses, so I had a difficult time. Our instructor acknowledged we had a tough group as far as pulses go.
    Don't press too hard or too light and count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. This helped me as I was usually able to feel the pulse for at least 15 seconds before it faded away. THIS is not how they teach us to measure the pulse, but it works.
    Don't be discouraged and you are not an idiot. Reschedule the skills test ASAP and you will soon be a certified nurse assistant!
  10. by   gerry0603
    The guy that I knew back when I was at CNA school in Hawaii failed his CNA liscensure exam 3 times! And finally for the 4th time he passed it! So, hey, don't loose hope!!! Just keep practicing...
  11. by   CNABESS
    I went to class with a woman who had been a teacher with a MASTERS degree. She was considering a career change, so took the CNA course to see if she was sure about nursing. She failed the radial pulse also. She was just too nervous. Relax, get a retest date, practice more and you will do fine. It has nothing to do with a lack of intelligence. You were simply nervous, thats all. You will do fine next time.
  12. by   Mommy Sutter
    I failed mine too. I placed the bedpan wrong, but as far as I know it was right. I think the teacher had her eyes on backwards
  13. by   lillymom
    Please don't sweat this too much. I hear in my area they fail them all the time, a certain person does at least. When I tested I know of four with this person that failed and there were only 8 testing with her. I failed the radial pulse the first time as well. I failed because I forgot to say STOP! I got the same reading as she did because I saw what she wrote on the sheet. How ridiculous! Don't give up and practice and you will succeed!
  14. by   KimberlyRN89
    Everyone messes up once in a while!! Just because you failed does not mean you are stupid. Keep practicing & you will PASS the next time around