How to pass a CPR class?

  1. Can someone please let me know how can I pass the CPR class successfully? B/c I have a BLS-CPR class this Sunday and my clinical is next Tuesday so I must pass the class for the first try. I'll take the class at American Heart Association for $75 and they also have the CPR manual as a resource to study too but I didn't purchase it b/c it cost $17 which I think it's kinda expensive so I dun want to buy it.

    (1) Anyway, when you take your CPR class what resources do you use before attending the class? Currently, the one I used is the CNA book b/c it have a chapter that cover about CPR but I think it's not enough info for me to learn at all. Any suggestion would be very appreciate it!!!!

    (2) how is the CPR written test? (2) How many questions are there? (3) Is it multiple choice questions? (4) And for the Basic Life Support- CPR class, which types of audience do they cover? Is it for adult only or it also cover about child & infant CPR technique?

    Sorry if I ask too many q's ...I'm just so nervous about taking this CPR class soon b/c I think I dun know much stuff about it yet.
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  3. by   classykaren
    You will love it it covers everything and is very educational and fun my favorite class do not worry at all
  4. by   CrufflerJJ
    Please don't stress yourself out regarding this course. I've taken lots of CPR classes through American Heart and also American Red Cross. In every case, the instructors were very helpful and the test wasn't too bad at all.
  5. by   tavia_yeung
    Yay, I'm so happy cos I passed my CPR class today. The CPR class is very fun, interesting & now I get to have the experience of doing future if ppl need me, I'll jump in to save their life:wink2:. So to learn new thing everyday!!!!!

    For those that never taken the CPR class before, maybe you want to know this... that the written test is 20 questions and we have to do 3 skills (Adult, Infant & AED).

    ~American Heart :heartbeatAssocation~
  6. by   ItsTheDude
    u can do it, it's easy.
  7. by   foreverLaur
    Yea the class is SO easy. Everyone passes.