How to mend burned bridges?

  1. Hi, I am a Cna, who was supposed to start an Lpn program a week ago but do to some personal problems I have decided against getting my Lpn and decided to try to find a job and go back to a different school in January if possible. My problem is that I could not make up my mind about wanting to get a job as a Cna or do my Lpn program, so I was applying to a lot of jobs and at the last minute I decided to go to Lpn school and I turned down 3 Cna jobs( ) one of which I did not call, I just never showed up now I regret this terribly because I really want a Cna job now and I applied to a lot of places including the places I turned down and I called them and they won't call me back even though they have job openings. I don't want to keep calling and look like a stalker or something. I just want to know what I can do to get them to hire me and trust that I am not a flaky or irresponsible person. I really enjoyed my clinicals as a Cna and feel I would enjoy steady work as a Cna. I decided it might be a good idea to maybe post an ad on CL and do home care if I can't get a job in a nursing home or hospital.
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  3. by   anangelsmommy
    did you get the hiring managers name? perhaps you could right a nice thank you letter and explain what happened? if she or he reads the letter maybe you would have a call back.
    angels mommy
  4. by   jesskidding
    If you were hired and just never showed up then you can probably forget that one. That bridge has been burnt down and is likely to never to be rebuilt.

    You might try the others and just explain the situation, but if they are not calling you back then most likely they are not interested in talking to you further.

    Are there any other jobs with different companies you can apply for?

    I wish you luck trying to find something.
  5. by   Yiggs
    I feel very badly that this happened to you. The reality is, 'first impression is lasting.' I hardly think the job offer for which you were a no call, no show will reconsider you. As the other poster said, send a thank you card to the other job with a brief apology to the person who you interviewed with. They are quick to move to the next applicant because their are so many people competing for the position. Word of mouth might be your best bet; ask nurses who know how you work and know your work ethics when you were doing clinicals to put in a word for you if there are positions available in the facility. Good luck.
  6. by   Lucky724
    The above posters advice is right on..but, I too have done this..have allowed myself to become so overwhelmed with making a decision that I end up not making a decision at all which is..a decision! BUT not a good one! I sometimes think there is soooo much pulling at us personally and professionally these days that it's almost...overkill. I know it's not professional to just not call or show up..but I do understand getting to that point. I'd also like to point out employers do this allllll the time - and yes, I know they are the employer but it works both ways..
  7. by   CNA1991
    It's hard to mend a bridge once you give the impression of undependability in a job that requires 100% dependability. My advice is to move on and give it time before you apply to the places where you burned your bridges at, maybe a couple months or more. You are stressed right now so take some time to clear your head, but keep on keeping on. You will have to wait until they forget practically. It will never hurt your chances of applying at a place more than once. YES! home health care is a great idea for employment, I work in home health care currently and I would Highly recommend it if you are a student. flexiable scheduling, a more paced experience, and time to focus on studies. The only down side is work that isn't always predictable or steady. Whatever you haven't tried yet go for it and you might find that you like it! Good luck!