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I became an STNA and worked as one for a while in Ohio, but in September I moved to California. I was planning to get my CNA certification transferred but it seemed like a lot of work, and I managed to get 2 home care jobs... Read More

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    Quote from pnkgirl25
    In California it looks like $8.00 an hour. If I see one more job posting with $8 an hour pay I'm going to scream. The ones that really get me are the ones like this one Right At Home. They want a CNA with a minimum of 3 years exp. and the pay is a $8.00 per hour. It gets even better when they require you to be bilingual...still paying $8 per hour.

    What a joke.
    Same thing in NM! My cousin requires home care because he had a stroke two years ago. His home health aides get...what, $7.50 an hour? They also get paid in cash and do a lousy job. I was fortunate to find a place with low turnover and decent pay. It was also a Medicare facility, so there were no uncertified aides.

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