How many patients do you have?

  1. I am curious how many patients folks usually have, and what sort of environment they work in.

    I am a new CNA on a med-surg unit in an acute-care hospital. Last night I had 16 patients. It was rough. Does anyone have tips for handling that many patients?

    Thank you. :spin: I am going to read a bit more on this board and go to bed!!! :zzzzz
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  3. by   lilbitloa
    i was a cna back in 2001 to 2004. it was the hardest but most rewarding job i ever had. the best thing i can tell you is to find a cna buddy and work together. i worked in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  4. by   arpeggiated
    Usually anywhere between 9 and 14.

    On my regular unit, 9 or 10 when there's 3 aides, 14 when there's two. The other units are usually 10-14. It can be rough, especially if you have confused patients, bowel prep pts, post-ops... or 5 knee/hip surguries like I did the other night!

    Luckily, a lot of our nurses are wonderful and will help turn and position, clean up, pull pts up, etc.
  5. by   RNMom2010
    Our facility has a max of 8 people per wing (we have 4 wings) and one aide for each wing. Our census is low right now so I only have 7. There are 3 out of the 7 that need a lot of care (dressing, cues to eat, taken to bathroom, ect)
  6. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I usually have 16-20, but the most patients I had was 36 on a cardiac telemetry unit. It was the worst day ever, becasue my poor patients could not get any care from me. I was pulled in all directions.