Home Health,TLC,or Hospital?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I have 2 questions 1)Is working in Home Health any different than TLC or a Hospital? 2)Would a Hospital hire you if you worked in Home Health and not in TLC? I am a CNA and I start working for a Home Health agency June 4th. After i got some experience I was wanting to work in a Hospital but wasn't sure if they would hire me with only working Home Health?Should I not even work Home Health If I'm wanting to work in a Hospital?
    Please Help!!
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    While I do believe that anyone entering into nursing on any level gets the best benefit working in the hospital, some have a harder time getting immediately hired in the hospitals, or that they had to take what was available at the moment (many cases, home health is the quickest way to go). The benefit of working home health is that some of the jobs are part time, or that the cases may not be long term. Also, you can place your whole focus on that one patient. If home health has the quicker opening, then, do that, and in the meantime, place applications in other places. Long term care may be easy to get into as well...but much harder work on the body. Most times, you may have about 10-20 patients to do care for and some may be very hard, heavy patients.

    Bottom line (to me, anyway), is that you earned your certification to make the money and have the variety of choices. Take the first thing available so that you can get paid; plus, alittle experience is better than nothing at all and continue on your goal to become employed at a hospital. Don't believe that you will be pigeon-holed into one thing...if you fight for it, you will get all of the experience that you need. I remember that two weeks after I got my CNA certification, I got hired at a nursing home three blocks away from where I lived. I also did home health on the side. Now that I am a nurse, I work in a hospital clinic and also began working home health again on the weekends. It can be done. Good luck!
  4. by   aerorunner80
    You never know unless you apply. I got hired right into a hospital within a week of finishing my CNA classes.
  5. by   l_wheat
    Yes, most hospitals want CNAs with atleast 6months SNF experience, which is kind of good because in the SNF the pts. are much less acute than hospitals which is a good thing for a new CNA trust me. You probably will have to do your time in a SNF but 6 months or so isn't that bad, plus that way you'll be more appreciative of the hospitals reduced workload. Good luck