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  1. 0 I presently work as a home health aide... am going to become a CNA and want to work in a facility/hospital... what can I expect? Can somebody tell me what one kind of work is like compared to the other?
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    The biggest difference you will find is the number of residents that you are required to work with. Depending upon the shift, you can work with as few as six or as many as 30 residents at a time, either by yourself or teamed up with another CNA. Definitely you will not find the work atmosphere to be laid back and relaxed. Call lights are always going off. There is always something that should have been done half an hour ago. You will always feel like you are behind and unable to give the quality of care that you want to give. You may find yourself working with other CNAs who do not hold a very good work ethic. They may do things like hide in rooms when they are supposed to be making rounds. If you are a good worker, the charge nurses may grow to depend upon you to get a set of vital signs rather than hunt down the assigned CNA. Perhaps they do not even trust that particular CNA, so you may be caught picking up the slack.

    Unfortunately, you will be doing this increased work load under less than perfect work conditions for about the same amount of money that you were earning working with one client as a HHA.
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    hi - what is the difference between a HHA and CNA?
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    A hope health aide provides private, usually in-home basic care for one patient, while a CNA works with multiple patients in a healthcare facility. Both are like the first step in the ladder to becoming an RN>
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    so it seems the nature of their work is more or less the same; its the setting which differs..right?
    in that case a CNA can do a HHA's job and vice versa?
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    Also, i understand that an HHA has to go thru training to qualify as an HHA whereas a CNA has to go thru a certification course...right?
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    I currently work in a facility that offers home health. I work prn for them and I do everything that I normally do on the floor just with one patient. There are a lot of clients that you have to be certified to work with. Alot of families will hire home health so that there parents are not having to wait around to get dressed, to the bathroom, etc.
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    Quote from muffi36
    Also, i understand that an HHA has to go thru training to qualify as an HHA whereas a CNA has to go thru a certification course...right?
    This is correct to the best of my knowledge.
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    Wow. Kinda depressing.

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