Hand washing question for CNA Skills Test

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    Hi everyone, I'm taking my CNA skills test soon and I am really nervous about the technicalities of it. I always mess up on the whole hand washing/gloves part of it. For example here are some questions regarding mouth care:

    1. Do I wash my hands before entering the room?
    2. Enter, introduce myself, explain what I'm doing there, ask to check name band. (don't I need to wash my hands before checkng the name band?)
    3. Wash hands before putting on gloves, but then I need to raise the bed, and I'm told I can't do that with gloves on?!
    4. By the end I need to wash out the emesis basin, do I do that with the same gloves on that I used for mouth care?

    I guess what I'm looking for is for someone to go step by step and say exactly what you are supposed to do, I don't want to fail due to stupid mistakes. I hate the ambiguity of the whole thing.

    Thsnks and sorry for all the questions!

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    Never touch the patient with out washing hands so what you will do is come in the room say your name ex.. good morning my name is amy Im your cna for the morning and i'm here to dress you, then you go to wash your hands, you check the patient name band and then you provide privacy and always remember to lock the bed. you'll do fine

    you wash your hands every time you take off your gloves.
    if you have on gloves while cleaning you have to clean everything with a barrier.
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    MOuth care

    1. knock, enter room
    2. Identify yourself to resident
    3. explain what you are going to do to the resident
    4. speak clearly slowly, and directly to resident
    5. maintain face to face contact
    6. wash hands
    7. return
    8. check name band
    9. lock bed , provide privacy, and raise bed to a comfortable working position
    10. elevate head an apply towel across chest, APPLY GLOVES
    11. allow resident to moisten mouth by giving small sip of water
    12. moisten toothbrush pouring water over brush apply toothpaste
    13. clean tooth front, side inner areas, and tounge holding emesis basin under resident chin
    14. let resident rinse; offer mouth wash ( never give full strength mouth wash mix with water)
    15. pat dry residents mouth with wash cloth, roll towel away and put in hamper
    16. clean and return implements to proper storage using barriers
    17. remove gloves, WASH HANDS
    18. leave resident in good body alignment and comfort
    19. return bed to low (safe) position, remove privacy
    20. give call bell
    21. WASH HANDS
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    Our testing proctors weren't too strict about the exact order. Just as long as we washed our hands before performing the skill. You could just say that you have washed your hands before entering the resident's room. For example:

    1. Verbalize (or perform) that you have washed your hands before entering the room.
    2. Perform the opening procedure (introduce, check name band, explain what you're going to do, etc).
    3. Tell the resident that you will leave for a moment to wash your hands (yes, again) & gather your supplies.
    4. Return to the resident, close the curtain, check that the bed is locked, & raise the bed.
    5. THEN you put on your gloves & perform the skill.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Don't forget, everytime you wash your hands, wash up to your wrists. A classmate of mine failed the skills test, because he forgot to do so. They are so technical. It's funny because in reality, when I did my clinicals in the nursing home and hospital, not one cna that worked there, washed their hands up to their wrists. Just a little advice. I take my exam on the 25th. Good Luck on yours. Keep us posted!!!
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    Thank you ry90. Your answer cleared things up.
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    Hello jjic3982. Have already completed your test? How'd it go? please help me telling you what skills are required to use gloves or is best use gloves for all abilities, please appreciate any advice you give me, thank you very much.
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    Hey Linamtob1,
    For the gloves question, it is best to understand why we need them in order to know which skills need them. During my exam, I could always leave the "patient room" to get my gloves if I needed them for the skill. Hence, if I needed to touch body fluids or anything that I shouldn't be touching, then I would use the gloves. REMEMBER, it is always better to use gloves rather than not using them (except for back rub since rubber rubbing against skin isn't pleasant, but again the instructor won't fail you for using them).
    Also, for folks like you who are getting ready to take the test, I posted a handbook that has most of the skills for RED CROSS Examiners.

    I'll brb with the link.
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    Here you go! This should increase your chances by far. Best of luck on the exam!
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    I had "denture care" on my CNA exam. I was also very nervous- I forget things when under duress! My instructor just stressed that when in doubt- wash hands (or simulate if permitted). You won't "fail" for washing more than necessary.

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