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Hi everyone, I'm taking my CNA skills test soon and I am really nervous about the technicalities of it. I always mess up on the whole hand washing/gloves part of it. For example here are some questions regarding mouth care: 1.... Read More

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    I'm inquiring about a post you made in August it was this skill list for washing hands.
    none of my skills list are this easy to read (one line, with details, but concise)
    was there a place online that you found this list on. I'm trying to print out the best list to practice from..yours was the easiest to read..sugestions Thanks a bunch!

    Quote from mymy1219
    MOuth care

    1. knock, enter room
    2. Identify yourself to resident
    3. explain what you are going to do to the resident
    4. speak clearly slowly, and directly to resident
    5. maintain face to face contact
    6. wash hands
    7. return
    8. check name band
    9. lock bed , provide privacy, and raise bed to a comfortable working position
    10. elevate head an apply towel across chest, APPLY GLOVES
    11. allow resident to moisten mouth by giving small sip of water
    12. moisten toothbrush pouring water over brush apply toothpaste
    13. clean tooth front, side inner areas, and tounge holding emesis basin under resident chin
    14. let resident rinse; offer mouth wash ( never give full strength mouth wash mix with water)
    15. pat dry residents mouth with wash cloth, roll towel away and put in hamper
    16. clean and return implements to proper storage using barriers
    17. remove gloves, WASH HANDS
    18. leave resident in good body alignment and comfort
    19. return bed to low (safe) position, remove privacy
    20. give call bell
    21. WASH HANDS

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    Yay! This is so helpful! I have the same problem with the raising the bed and hand washing part, too and my exam is tomorrow!! The Oklahoma handbook has you raise the bed after you put on gloves but I heard they fail you for raising the bed with gloves on.

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