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Got the job!!!

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    I'm so excited! I got a job offer today to work at a hospital as a Nursing Tech II!! This will be my first CNA type job! I just got out of school about two weeks ago. I will be floating between Intermediate care and ICU, an area I want to specialize in when I get my BSN!

    Oh yeah! And this is all two days before my birthday!!!!!

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    That's so awesome! What a great environment for learning! can I ask, are you are current nursing student, or a pre-nursing student. Just wondering because I did'nt know that hospitals offered tech jobs to anyone other than nursing students. A Big congratulations to you and happy early birthday!
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    Hooray! I know that you will learn so much! This job is such an important one, I am sure you will do well. Thanks for posting! Keep us updated. Oh, by the way, happy birthday!!
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    Congratulations!!! I too work in an ICU as a extern. I love the environment and the staff. I wish you continued success.

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    Thanks guys! Irene, I'm inbetween I guess you could say. I have applied and been accepted at my local CC but there is a 2 1/2 year wait so I'm aiming for my BSN instead. I guess that still qualifies for prenursing.