Got accepted into CNA program!

  1. 0 Hey all!

    Finally got a call back from the local hospital, and I've been accepted into the CNA program! I'm super excited to actually be helping people, and actually having a job that matters. My classes start on the 24th. Wish me luck!
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    That is great! Good Luck with everything! I'll be taking mine starting the end of October, and I know what you mean about a job that matters. CNA work does not get paid a lot, but for me at least I can feel like it is a meaningful job, and that I make a differance in a persons life.
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    I know this is a major bump, but I got my certificate of completion today! Now I've just gotta find a job and wait it out until state certification test time on the 27th.

    I had a pretty rough experience with my clinicals, mainly just the current cna's not doing their job or anything at all, but I'm not going to let that affect me, as I won't be working at the clinical site.

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    Congratulations! I think most clinical sites are eager to hire their new grads because they have basically had orientation. I totally regret not working for mine right after finishing my CNA program.
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    Extenuating circumstances are the only reason I can't work at the clinical site, otherwise I would have just went there. Had an incident the second day of clinicals requiring a witness statement to be filled out, but other than that everything was fine XD
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    Wait, so you finished your whole program in a month? That's great! I wonder if this is generally how long the programs are. How long were your school days? And congratulations

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