First Night By Myself

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    I just got home from my first night of having my own assignment. I was worried about it the last few days because I knew it would be coming this weekend. However it went great! I had three very good aides that oriented me over the last couple weeks, which I know made a huge difference. They have been super supportive and are overall great co-workers. The night went fairly routine other than one of my residents getting sick right after I finished my water pass at the beginning of my shift. I just wanted to post about my good first night by myself!
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    I am very happy for you that it went so well. Hopefully you will just love your job, and it can only get better from here.
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    that's fantastic keep up the good work!!
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    Kudos to you; one day at a time!!
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    Congrats!!!!! YOu should be proud!
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    Awesome. Now let's just hope you didn't jinx yourself by sharing the good news. J/K

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