Fired for Not "Being a Good Fit?"

  1. So I got fired today when I picked up my first check...

    I don't know why they fired me. I got along with my coworkers. They just told me that I wasn't a "good fit for the position" and were super vague. I worked as a CNA/Direct Support Person for a group home for disabled people. I always showed an eagerness to learn, but I was just nervous about a few things so I asked people to watch me the first few times while I did certain tasks and I was clear that I wouldn't need them all the time and just needed to be watched until I was comfortable.

    I received no warning that I was doing anything wrong. So I don't know... I didn't get any impression that I was having problems.

    Now I doubt I'll be a good COTA and am reluctant to apply for more CNA jobs...I don't even know what I did wrong.
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  3. by   ldrnicuguy
    This situation does sound sucky, but it says more about the company than you. Good organizations will provide feedback even if they are letting someone go. The bad part is that there are not that many truly good organizations out there. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
  4. by   FutureCota
    Thank you. Hopefully this next position I got will work out well for me. I also hope I passed my certification test that I took yesterday. I feel like I missed quite a few, but there's always next month and I don't need my certification until December according to the human resources representative at my new job.
  5. by   Missingyou
    The "not a good fit for the position" could be "translated" to "lacks confidence and knowledge of position".
    This is just a guess but, by you asking others to watch you do a task "to be sure" probably looked to them that you didn't know what you were doing.

    Have more confidence in yourself.

    It is better to try to do things on your own...especially things that you've probably already done hundreds of times, and if you STILL can't figure it out, then ask questions. New tasks are always uncomfortable. I'm not saying put yourself or a resident at risk but, chances are the new tasks are something you can figure out or if you're really struggling, ask for advice and go from there. Having to have someone watch you do a task more than once so you can be sure puts your coworker behind and makes you seem like you have no clue.