Feel awkward with skills partner

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    I just started my cna training and we had to find a partner for our skills practice. A man (who is 25 years older then me) asked if I would be his partner. I agreed out of sympathy because everyone else already had partners.
    I get a creepy vibe from him. He's very nice but idk I just get this vibe and I dot feel comfortable around him at all.
    This may be because I was sexually harassed by men older then me and I never feel fully comfortable around them by myself or having them touch me.
    How do I handle this situation?

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    make it as profesional as possible. Just do the skills and that is it. You are not alone in the room, there are other classmates, and your teacher should be there. so you should be just fine. Just don't make ideal chit chat or give him any personal information about yourself or you life. The fact is you might even run into residents that might say, or do something that will make you feel uncomfortable, but we as CNAs and Nurses have to learn how to handle these situations with professionalism.
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    I would find another partner, if you cant I would report him the instant he tried to harass you.
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    Quote from bbble 25
    I would find another partner, if you cant I would report him the instant he tried to harass you.

    Yea, I would report any harassment, but that's only IF that happens. He's most likely not going to, though. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. He might seem creepy because he is a loner. He might be a really good student. He might be a creeper, but you never know.
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    You could always bring it up to the instructor, mentioning your past experiences, and see if she can find some excuse to switch you. Having said that the reality is that as a CNA you will very likely be taking care of older men on a regular basis, and if you work in a hospital they arent all going to be old and frail, and they certainly arent all going to be polite and well behaved. Still in a learning environment its usually best to be comfortable so you can focus on learning.
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    I would take the opportunity to become comfortable with it because lord knows you'll be dealing with a lot of elderly men in some very intimate situations.

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