CNA To Medical Assistant?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm currently a CNA and I want to pursue a career in nursing. I plan to attend Tarrant County College for the RN program, I have had many people tell me how competitive TCC nursing program can be. I was wondering if Medical Assistant would be a good next step for the nursing program. Can anyone please help?
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  3. by   ariana_ox
    I honestly would not pay money to do the medical assistant because it will cost you an arm and a leg lol I would just work as a CNA until your done with the nursing program medical assisting program is nice but a waist of time if your going to be a nurse .
  4. by   sueall
    Absolutely agree that medical assisting would (1) be a step in the wrong direction for your goals, and (2) not be worth the price of admission. Medical assisting and nursing are not interchangeable. Your time would be better spent polishing up your grades on the prerequisite RN classes and entrance exam test. Look at what your RN program requires for program applicants, and concentrate on those requirements to improve your chances of acceptance into the RN program.
  5. by   Graduation2016
    Agree with previous posts. Remain as a CNA while in nursing school.
  6. by   avi8tor69
    Waste of time and money. If you really want to prepare for Nursing school, go to your local CC that has an accredited Nursing program and go to the college bookstore or Amazon (take pics of the ISBN number of the books) buy the syllabus and the books for the first and second semester then buy some NCLEX reviewer. Go over all the chapters in the syllabus and pretend your in theory class and honestly test your yourself. By the time you get to RN school, that theory stuff will be easy.
  7. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Pretty much what everyone else said, MA would be a huge waste of time and money, it would be hard to find a job and CNAs' pretty much does patient care and that is apart of nursing.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    To the OP: I am also in Tarrant County. Many of the CNAs around here are out-of-work medical assistants who earned their CNA certifications after having been unable to secure employment as MAs. This should tell you something.

    I completed a MA program nearly 13 years ago and was never able to find a job as a medical assistant. It was a waste of time, money and effort for me.
  9. by   MoRNdreams
    Does anyone know of a good CNA course in Tarrant County ? Thanks in advance.