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I will be entering a CNA training program soon, and I have the entire uniform ready except for the shoes. We can wear any kind of white shoes, so I'm wondering what the best type would be. A lot of nurses I've seen wear Crocs,... Read More

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    Good question. You MUST have comfortable supportive shoes for good body mechanics and your own health & comfort.

    Your back and legs will get a great work out and you need to protect both for a variety of good reasons.

    I have 3 pair of "Therashoes" in white that I rotate. An orthopedic I know said they are great for you and a fraction of the Skeetcher price. They are sold at K-Mart and average 20. a pair. They take an hour to get used to but man I can go all day with these. They occasionally sell on a buy one get one 1/2 off. I also have several of the flip flops for the off work times :>

    kmart therashoe - Google Product Search

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    Nightingale - I've never heard of Z-coils before. I'll have to investigate them! Thanks!
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    For over 20 years, I use nothing but SAS brand shoes. Not the cheapest(approx $70) but the Gold Standard of Nursing footwear in my area. I have yet to find anything as comfortable over all the years.
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    Worldtraveler - $70 isn't the cheapest, but it sure isn't the most expensive. That sounds pretty reasonable for a great shoe that won't make me ache horribly.
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    After 8-12 hours on a hard floor, you'll swear they were the best investment you ever made. A lot of waitresses in our area wear the SAS brand as well and nothing else.
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    I am a CNA...and have found that something SLIP RESISTANT is a good way to go. Being that you are going to be bathing, etc. I wear the Sketchers Slip Resistant shoes - and have Sketchers DeLites for non skids. Both are comfy.
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    We aren't allowed to wear anything with holes / cutouts / openings, we also aren't allowed to wear anything mesh or non-leather / leather like. My shoes right now are a $28 pair from Payless and I love them...they are non-slip, their brand of work shoes...forget what it's called. I walk three to five miles a day in addition to work and they are great. Much better than some of the $100 shoes I have purchased.
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    I have been a nurse for a little over a year and the first week on the job my feet were killing me!!!! After extensive research online and from asking other seasoned nurses, I have found the best shoes. They are New Balance 845's. They are made for people with plantar fasciaitis and other feet problems. They are very comfortable and within a week my feet were in no pain. They are quite pricey at about $115, but being the very frugal person that I am, I found a brand new pair on for less than 50. If you find a good deal, get them. I decided a few months later to get a black pair but couldnt find them cheaper than 100 and then one day they were 65, again on Amazon. These shoes will be your godsend!
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    Since you're going into a field where you're going to be on yor feet, price shouldn't be a concern - comfort is. Try the different ones that have been offered - you will end up with what feels best for you. Most find that a good quality tennis shoe works. I have a pair of the "thera-shoe" from K-mart that I'm getting ready to try. It was suggested after someone saw me wearing an Easy Spirit brand rocker shoe. The easy spirit to me is like walking on clouds. I use to think that about the Asics brand but now this one easy spirit has asics beat! I've had 3 foot surgeries so I understand the need for the right shoe!!
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    I totally agree with SAS and New Balance. I've wore USED SAS's, from a nurse friend, for over a year and they still beat the laces off any other. If they are too $$, then go with New Balance. My podiatrist said they are the best shoe in his opinion and I gotta agree!! Shop online and you can usually find a good deal or look for sales locally or an outlet mall! I also agree with slip resistant - VERY IMPORTANT (sez my recent broken ankle <wink>). Good luck with CNA...that's where I started and then was encouraged enuff to go on for nurse...DO IT!!

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