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  1. Hello Friends,
    I need to know what the average CNA/Sitter salary is in Austin Texas. I will be taking CNA classes in the summer, and need to know the salary, job scope, how stressful, and are there a lot of sitter jobs in Austin? I will appreciate all info I can get. Thanks Y'all!!!
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  3. by   azcna
    Out of curiosity, why do you want to be a sitter? It's characterized by hours of boredom, punctuated by periods of wrestling patients/ avoiding being hit by them.
  4. by   tomc5555
    I work primarily in client homes, but I do a fair amount of 'sitting'. I love observing and assisting CNA/PT techs and nurses. I always pick up techniques for skills. Its a great environment to learn and network. As far as scope of practice, it's whatever the facility and the agency want. The aides love me be ause I take great care of the patient and it's less work for them. The patient is happy as I am their advocate. My agency is happy because they get good feedback about me. To me it's a win situation. If I were interested I would use this network to seek employment in the hospitals or facilities. For now I like home care and hospice, but enjoy the occasional sitting jobs.Good luck.
  5. by   WANT2BSN
    Thanks for your responses!
    To answer your question azcna, i need a job and also it will help me gain experience. I dont believe all patients are the same. I was told that if I get a CNA lisence I would be able to get sitter jobs also.
    Thanks tomc5555, you gave me a broad outlook on what to expect. So what does the pay look like? Is it worth it? I used to be a social worker, so dealing with different/special people is not new to me. The experience will help me in nursing school hopefully.
  6. by   tomc5555
    My agency pays 13-15 per hour.Not a lot of money, unfortunately.
  7. by   WANT2BSN
    I know right? But it'll do while I'm in school. Are you in school? Thanks for your responses.