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  1. Hi
    I just completed my cna training and looking for a job. Please let me know where should i apply for job with no experience. I have a doctoral degree from india and i also have associate degree in pharmacy technology from india. So medical field is not new for me. But i dont have any official experience. I am a very fast learner and always ready to learn new things.
    But i cant find job anywhere with no previous experience regardless of great medican field background.
    Please help me. Do hospitals accept new grads? Can my previous education help me getting job?
    I live in irving,tx. Please help me.......

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  3. by   work&play
    Apply to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, convalecents and state your education on the application or resume
  4. by   rosey2007cna
    If you need CNA experience then the nursing is probably your best bet. I know that were I live most hospitals want you to have at least a year under your belt working in a long term care facility.
  5. by   LocoStrange
    I think I was lucky (I hope being a male had nothing to do with it although I think it did).

    Basically, I applied at my local hospital for about 2 months until I got an interview. They ended up giving the position to another person within the hospital BUT...
    -I dont have a CNA license, only one year as a nursing student
    -I worked on that floor for one of my clinical shifts so the staff does know me
    -I also knew that I had to blow them away with my interview because I knew that not having a CNA license would hurt me... and I guess I did because they said that although the postion that I orginally applied for, was filled, they still wanted me working for them.

    Is it possible? Of course... just dont give up.
  6. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Maybe you seem overqualified. Generally nursing homes want someone
    1. with a CNA license
    2. capable of keeping up with a heavy workload
    3. plays nice with others

    They might not care about your other degrees because even though they're healthcare related (or at least the pharm tech one is; I don't know what your phd is in), they're not relevant to your CNA scope of practice. They may even think that with your level of education that you're just going to use them for a few paychecks and leave after they spent money orienting you for a job that actually pays well.

    If you use your past job experiences, healthcare or not, to play up your time management/organizational/customer service skills and experience, you'll probably have a better chance.
  7. by   kgurpreet
    Thanks to all of you. I had an interview today morning. It was in assisted living. I really impressed the interviewers( 2 person). They were happy and impressed to see my medical background and gave me a job offer.
    Does assisted living center is a good place to work for , as it will be my very first job. I think i won;t get much experience in assisted living. May be i am wrong. They are offering just 9 dollars /hr. I will be eligible for benefits after 6 months and for tution reimbursement after 1 yr of work. Is this good?
    I really want to work for a hospital. will my work exp. in assisted living count in my resume , when i would apply for hospital positions in future?

    One thing i forgot to mention, The director over there , she want me observe my work for 2 months and after that I will get on-job-training for Med. Tech. She really wants me to work as a med tech in her facility. What do you all think, shall i accept the offer?

    Thanks in advance
  8. by   jacksonhog12
    I graduated from my CNA class in October 2012. I'm having trouble finding a job.When I applyI will get an email saying not enough experience. how can can I get any experience if they do not hire me. I think I wasted my time with this class. Can anyone make any suggestions.Will appreciate any help.Thanks in can send any comments to This my email address. Thank You!