CNA or Medical Assistant

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    I am currently a hairdresser but in going for nursing. I have started my perquisites for nursing but i really want out of the hair business, I really want to start out in hospital but i don't know if that is possible, I also heard about a Patient care tech and a nurses tech. please help

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    I changed careers and am still doing this while in school. I think it's totally a great move to make sure you like it! And it's great experience. Not having any though, I suggest getting your CNA then applying. I did mine through the Red Cross. Good luck!
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    red cross I'M going to call them. Thanks!!
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    I got my CNA cert and got a job in a hospital right away. We have PCT positions for people who aren't certified, but honestly the certification makes a big difference if you don't have experience.
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    I just got my CNA, took 2 weeks $850. Medical assistant is like 9 months or so. But if your goal is RN, get your CNA and work to get experience and move up. It may be harder to obtain a hospital job right away, but not impossible. I know hospitals will train you to be a patience care tech, they make $14-$18/hr so not too bad. There may be other alternatives, but you gotta start somewhere and always remember why your doing it.
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    If you want your RN, get your CNA. It's only a month long (typically) and will be more helpful as experience goes than medical assisting.
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    Cna. You have more opportunities and can learn a lot more than MA in my opinion.
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    why waste a year going to school to be an MA when you will ultimately end up going to school for nursing? CNA is cheaper, shorter program.

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