CNA job in a hospital with no experience

  1. I got my CNA in June and for various reasons, I'm just now looking for a job. I applied at a major hospital in the area where I have been a volunteer for the past year. The job description says they prefer 6 months of experience, of which I have none. I went in yesterday and was able to introduce myself to the nursing manager who will be hiring people for the position and also the two assistant nurse managers who will be assisting him. They seemed to like me, and they seemed pleasantly surprised that I would come in to introduce myself. This is my dream job and I really really want to work there but I'm worried that with no experience, they won't even consider me. Has anyone ever gotten a hospital CNA job with no experience other than volunteer hours? And is there anything else I can do to make myself a more desirable candidate other than what I've already done? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   AngelicDarkness
    Sounds like you did what I would have done. Most places put experience on the job description, but I've met many that had less than what the description asked for. Most jobs I have applied to want 3-5 years experience. When I applied to them, I had 1-2. They didn't seem to mind - and you've got volunteer experience. Good luck OP
  4. by   ChemStickPro
    Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. by   NurseRose84
    I got my CNA in November, and was offered a position on a telemetry/med-surg unit at a teaching hospital with no experience, volunteer or otherwise. I did however apply to every single nursing care technician position available at that facility, and this was my first and only interview I had.
    I had emailed the nurse recruitment manager a couple of weeks before I was called for an interview expressing my interest in working in their facility. I think that is what helped me get the position the most. I'd say just apply for as many positions in the hospital you can, and apply to other local hospitals too, just in case the one you want to work at has a surplus of applicants.
    Good luck! 😃
  6. by   Rachelj1222
    My local hospital always hire new grad CNAs and I actually just got a job there. Tell them that you are eager to lean! That always works . Good luck!
  7. by   marsqueen
    If you volunteer there, you probably have a good chance.
  8. by   blackvans1234
    You sound like me 28 months ago :P

    I graduated from CNA school with my little certificate, dreading the fate of working at a nursing home. I also wanted to work at a hospital that wanted experience. However I had my volunteer experience (card up my sleeve). The guy I volunteered with (an employee there) was a complete asset in getting the job at the hospital.

    Even though it is a UAP (unliscensed assistive personnel) position, the environment is incredibly professional.

    Do everything right, cover letter, thank you letter, professional (business casual) attire to interviews, call three days later etc.

    My hospital took like a month or more form handed in application to the interview.
    My reference [ex boss] had told me they called her, and asked if she'd be sad to lose me (luckily she said yes).

    Keep your chin up kid.
  9. by   Twinsmama28
    So what happened? I am in a similar situation as you.