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Hello. I'm trying to apply for this nursing home near my house. but i'm not sure what to put for desired rate of pay. so.. what is the average pay rate for starting cnas? i looked up and they are giving me different rate.... Read More

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    East Metro Atlanta - $8.75

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    I have been a CNA/MA for 4.5 years and I make 13.98 hourly at a private facility plus benefits, overtime and paid holidays/vacation/sick time. It depends on where you go. When I worked at a hospital I made 7.25 an hour my first year and then averaged about 10-11 dollars an hour else where. This is in Nebraska
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    In NY, it's $14-$17 to start. Plus shift differential. Usually 3-11pm is $1.50 extra, and 11-7am is $2.00 extra. Of course this is evened out by the cost if living being so high here...
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    I work for my county in Wisconsin. My starting pay: $12.89/hour. My mom worked at the state-level as an RCT and it's about $14/hour.
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    to the posters, how many hours/days a week are working?
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    I work 40 hours a week. When I worked for the state I made 10.37 an hour plus $1 shift diff. and worked 40 hours a week PLUS mandatory overtime. In all I worked around 130-140 hours in a two week period. We would be mandated for EVERY call in.
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    Please PM me the name of your facility you worked in 2010
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    I live in Iowa and starting where i work is 11.75, and I am making 12 plus a dollar shift differential.
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    $10 base pay with .75 cent shift differential and 1.00 extra for weekends. Working 30 hours a week in AZ
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    $10 an hour in Home Health. No shift diff, etc.

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