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Hello. I'm trying to apply for this nursing home near my house. but i'm not sure what to put for desired rate of pay. so.. what is the average pay rate for starting cnas? i looked up and they are giving me different rate.... Read More

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    How about in chicago?

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    I'm in PA,it seems from my experience that county, by county the rates are very different.
    The county I live in the average depending on experience is anywhere between 9.00-12.00 an hr.
    I worked in a different county, the starting wage was 13.00-14.00 an hour.
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    I recently was hired as PRN in a LTC facility that is just over a year old. The facility is about 40 minutes from Houston, Texas. I wouldn't say it's rural but definitely not big city.

    I'm starting off with $9.50/hr with no prior medical experience.
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    I cant wait to become a CNA! If I commit for a year I'm sure I will get a pay raise soon enough to help pay the bills (well a portion of it), while enjoying my job!

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    I was working as PRN at 10.00 per hour. 11.00 on weekend. That was 5 months ago...I am now on full time and I get 11.00 per hour and 12.00 on the weekend. 8 hour shifts at a Nursing/Rehab Center in FL, Palm Beach Gardens. I work 7-3 days. right now Im pushing overtime! Yay
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    The averages vary so much depending on your State its impossible to give a figure, there are a few websites where you can see average salaries, but to be honest it all depends on the specific location you work at and the type of place you work, you might get $10 an hour, while your friend who works 2 miles away gets $12... looking around for the best paying places, and being prepared to move to them, is probably the way to get the best salary in your particular area.

    If you want to look at some averages here's a couple of places that might help...
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    Is there any difference in pay between men and women?
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    Quote from jstnwalt
    Is there any difference in pay between men and women?
    There could be, but it would be an individual matter, not that of policy. No employer is going to overtly expose themselves to litigation.
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    Do you recommend bringing that up during the interview? I am a male and I have heard of this also from a different post on allnurses.
    Is it common to have a male to be getting paid more? (I hear if you are going to do a lot of the lifting [which has nothing to do with sex, funny] they will pay you more.)
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    I suggest you try for the highest pay - and it has nothing to do with your sex. While sex can be in some cases a plus - skill, dependability and fact self confidence is the determining factor about pay. How well can you sell yourself and in fact resume how can you back it up and with an interview how well can you confide/express your professionalism? A CNA no matter the sex is not going to fool a MS or BS in the field.

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