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    I have been Certified since August and worked as a NAT-CNA since may at a long term care facility I have to go for a personality test at a hospital for a CNA position on med surg floor that's part time.. Even though I will make more money at the hospital I get 30 hrs (4days) at the nursing home so in the end it will even out or maybe a little more in the hospital pay wise but ill get my foot in the door. Do you think it's a good move?

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    Take the hospital job
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    I love my hospital job I never worked in a nursing home, but my co-workers tell me it is apples and oranges. There are more opportunities in a hospital. If you don't like your floor, you can choose another eventually.
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    I have to go for the personality test and then hopefully an interview! I'm excited and nervous I have always wanted to be in the hospital
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    I am so so bummed I didn't pass the personality test! I feel so dumb! Now I have to wait to apply at any of 5 big Hospitals here and I didn't even get an interview! I don't get it. I think it's wrong they check that first before anything and if you fail your out
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    What was your personality test like? What kinds of questions were on it? I was interviewed before I took mine, but if I didn't pass it I wouldn't have been hired. It just saves time to do it beforehand. I would be pretty upset as a nurse manager if the person I took all the time to interview failed a little HR test later on. Good luck to you in the future! Remember, there's no such thing as a coincidence, God has a hand in everything in your life. Trust in Him!
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