CNA Exam in Florida - Preparation Advice!

  1. Hey everyone! I am planning on spending the summer studying and prepping to take the CNA exam in Florida. I recently ordered the CNA Exam Cram book, but I'm more concerned about the skills portion. I will be challenging the exam! I got the skills checklist from Prometrics but it says it is just a guideline as to how they grade you, not the actual complete steps needed to pass! Where would I be able to find the skills step by step? A book or website would be perfect I just want to make sure I have all the steps down CORRECTLY to help me pass the Florida exam. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Thank you everyone!
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  3. by   somekindofstrange
    When I took the CNA test in Florida I found the following link from youtube to be most helpful:4yourCNA - YouTube The questions on the written portion are mostly common sense. Most of the questions on the written portion were on illnesses which affected the elderly and big emphasis was placed upon patient safety.
  4. by   ProudStudent
    I'm in Florida also. I am taking a course in a classroom and actually practicing the skills as well as working with real people in a nursing home. I can agree with somekindofstrange above, regarding the YouTube videos. They are all extremely similar to the way we're being taught in the clinical setting. Good luck with your adventures!
  5. by   Paws2people
    If you get a CNA text book like Mosby's, it lists the skills step by step. You can even go on Amazon and buy a used one. I printed out Prometric's checklists, and it was REALLY helpful while practicing because with it you know exactly what the examiner is grading you on.
  6. by   paigeleigh417
    Thank you everyone! Newcna, does it matter which edition of the Mosby's book I get? I think I will either check it out at the library or buy it from Amazon.
  7. by   Paws2people
    I would get one that is newly published, or at most a couple years old. It is a VERY big book. Mine has thousands of pages, and it's like my bible. Lol. The one I got from my CNA class stinks. Mosby's blows it away. Best of luck
  8. by   floridanurse1983
    No one is going to publish the skills step by step because they are made by schools from the guidelines provided by the State. To do so would be counter-productive. You won't find an official, reliable one online. Trust me I teach CNA and what some people put online as "study guides", I can pick 5 automatic fails within them. Take a class and save the time and money
  9. by   Paws2people
    I never got anything from the school (like a skills packet). I bought a few books (Mosby's, Delmar, etc). They do list the the skills step by step. Then I printed out Prometric's checklist of what my state looks for. I had to slightly alter it, but the basics were there. For example, in my state for bedpan we put a chux under the resident with the bedpan. I saw online videos where some states just put the bedpan alone without the chux. My state requires a barrier on the bed. Unfortunately, my CNA course was a complete joke and I had to learn every skill on my own. I did it with Mosby's and Prometric's checklist. I passed only making one error (on the first skill I thought I lowered the bed all the way down, but it could of gone down 2 more inches! lol.) @paigeliegh417 It can't hurt to buy a used current used textbook and study to see if you're comfortable challenging the exam. If not, you can always take a course. Good luck
  10. by   student forever
    Practice with the sink, bed, commode and shelves in different placement so that a "new" layout will not throw you.