As a CNA, do employers know/care if you never took a class? - page 2

I recently challenged the CNA exam and passed, after never having taken any CNA classes before. I thought a CNA certification is a CNA certification, regardless of whether or not you took a class, but now, looking for jobs, many... Read More

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    Quote from IEDave
    But what if you don't have an employment history? Therein lies the problem - with a saturated job market, even the LTC's around here are pretty choosy about who they hire. Might not be that way where you are (and if you challenged more than a few years ago, it almost certainly wasn't then) - sure as h*** is like that here.

    ----- Dave
    Everybody has to get their first healthcare job somewhere, sometime. Even though the economy was not as bad when I started out, I still had to answer interview questions to the satisfaction of the person doing the hiring. I recommend persistence and being willing to relocate.

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