CNA/CHHA CEU requirements

  1. Does anyone know what number of hours do courses you take in school and what the state of California evaluates them for? Is there a website with help in regards to that?
    thanks for any help.
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    Perhaps this might help you -
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    It certainly is hard to find this information! In a document to record a CNA's CEU hours [HS 283 A (7/09)], posted on California Dept. of Public Health's webiste (CDPH), I found this:

    "In-service Training: All CDPH-approved in-service training classes are accepted.Continuing Education Units (CEUs): Continuing education classes may be taken at CDPH-approved providers, community/state colleges, adult education or regional occupationprograms (ROPs), general acute care hospitals, American Red Cross, home health agencies, state long-term care ombudsman, or providers approved by the nursing boards.

    "Home Health Aide Training (40-hour program): 26 hours of the 40-hour training program may count toward CEUs.L.V.N./R.N. Programs: CNA certificate holders will be given credit for time in these programs by listing the courses taken and converting the units to hours as follows: semester unit=15 hours, quarter unit=10 hours.

    "A partial (but not limited to) list of acceptable continuing education classes are Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, Psychology, Chemistry, Anthropology, CulturalAnthropology, Sociology, Pharmacology, Medical Terminology, Epidemiology, Environmental Medicine, Communication, Stress Management, Hygiene/Health, Nutrition,Languages, Diseases, Physiotherapeutics, Massage, Therapeutic Physical Training, CPR, Ethics, Child Development, Maternal Health, Pediatrics, Geriatric courses, SignLanguage, Environmental Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Phlebotomy, or First Aid."

    As of Feb 14, 2010, the URL for this form is:

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the info!!
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    Call me dumb ( start classes on Mon.) but what is a chhu, and Ltc?
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    chha is certified home health aide I believe. And LTC stands for long term care. Dont worry, your book will more than likely have a chapter on most commonly used abbreviations