Challenging the CNA exam Friday After Next

  1. Good Morning Everyone,

    I am due to take the CNA State Board the Friday after next. I took a 1-week course back in April, getting certified in HHA, First Aid, Med Tech, and CPR. I did not know until after the fact that I am "challenging" the exam. I want to prepare efficiently, as I re-scheduled my test date to the date is now. After researching online, there are no, free sites that offer valid and thorough information regarding planning. I am to meet with two friends, one who is a CNA and another who is a LPN getting her BSN. Even with training with these ladies, will that be enough? I feel the skills test is what is more concerning. Am I going about this the right way?

    Please advise and thank you all in advance!!!
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  3. by   lina.561
    I failed my skills on June 8th, but passed my written. I went to Boca, FL to take my exam. I go back on July 15th to retake my skills. I had, ROM right Lower extremity, Dressing a pt with right weak arm, Measure and record weight. I failed the dressing, I dressed the opposite arm first! Im so upset because I got easy skills. I have practicing FOREVER! Since Feb. maybe once or twice a week. My friend just passed hers. she had Blood Pressure which she did 3 times to make sure. Ambulation, Foot Care. She passed both the written and the skills! First timer. Good luck to you.
  4. by   kalee61
    I am Challenging the CNA state July 17 also. Go to
    Download the entire thing. Make sure you are getting the correct state you are in. If you cant find the correct state. Call Naces Plus Foundation at 888-282-6904. You will talk to a live person. Ask them the website to download your states candidate handbook. In fact do that first. That handbook has everything
  5. by   nurse2b813
    Thank you!!!
  6. by   tifini
    Good Luck! If it helps the has the detail to follow for practicing the clinical skills.
  7. by   nurse2b813
    Hi everyone. I want to share that I have completed and passed the CAN state board. Thank you to all who provided invaluable information. The skills given were not hard, it was the nerves that got me at first. What really helped was youtube and the nursing students who were testing with me. The waiting lobby became my favorite place to be.
  8. by   PatMac10,RN
    I just passed my state's CNA board exam yesterday. I'm so happy. Congratulations!!!!!
  9. by   Kelsi
    I just retook my CNA skills test for the second time and I failed again! Im so upset and disappointed because I now the information and all the skills and i failed both times because of careless mistakes because of the stress and nerves that kick in. Im so affraid of failing for the 3rd time because then ill have to take a training program which will cost money & i feel like its a money scam already. the first time I failed I measured the urine and I was off a few numbers and the second time i failed i had the heel part of the elastic stocking crooked. I pass every other skill & i just am beside myself. I just want to get these so I can start my career in nursing and I just feel held back. I need advice!
  10. by   2011LPNJ29
    I will suggest you tell the examiner right there and there when you make a mistake because that shows that you know it but scared.If the examiner ask you what did you think you did wrong,you better reassess what you just did and tell her i did this instead this then she will must definitely pass you.Goodluck!